Strengthening Family Care

All Children have the right to grow up in a supportive and caring family environment. Whenever possible, children should be cared for by their parents and families. Sometimes children may face a risk of separation from their families due to several factors. This does not mean parents do not or cannot care for their children in the short-term or long-term. Some parents need additional support to care of their children. Protecting children from neglect, violence, abuse, unnecessary separation and other child protection risks is, therefore, most often best achieved by helping families to address the wider challenges they face, whether they are chronic circumstances or a short-term crisis. The family strengthening approach takes a whole-family approach, focusing on the needs of children as well as the needs of other family members that are important to the child. Family strengthening typically involves a combination of counselling, creating linkages on behalf of children and/or parents to ensure they can access rights and entitlements as well as specialised services, in cases where children or parents require specific support needs.